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6 January 2020 — News

It’s certainly no secret that we here at Rare adore our meat. In addition to providing succulent premium steak that tastes delicious we also want to ensure the wellbeing of the livestock and farmers involved in the production process.

We never want animals to suffer unnecessarily and we take care to ensure that our produce comes from reputable suppliers that adhere to the highest welfare standards. That’s why we are so proud to be partnering with Provenir. A fabulous organisation that seeks to maximise the well-being of livestock by eliminating the stress associated with live transport.

The collective brainchild of a chef, farmer, vet and lawyer, Provenir was founded through a shared commitment to mitigate the difficulties faced by farmers in processing their livestock as well as a desire to ensure that animals are treated respectfully and with care right up to the point of slaughter.

Unfortunately, the nature of the Australian meat industry means that farmers often have no choice but to pack their animals on the back of trucks to be transported long distances to the abattoir. This places a great deal of unnecessary stress on the animals and indeed the farmers. Furthermore, this stress detrimentally affects the quality of the meat due to the excess of adrenalin.

If an animal is scared or stressed before slaughter the adrenalin produced uses up glycogen which when it is converted to lactic acid helps keep meat tender, pink and flavourful. If there is not enough glycogen the meat tends to be tough, tasteless and high in pH. Therefore, ensuring that an animal is calm up to the point of slaughter is vital not only for its wellbeing but to guarantee the best quality of meat.

Provenir mitigates these problems by providing Australia’s first mobile on farm abattoir. Instead of the animals being transported long distances they are slaughtered on the farm in as calm and relaxed environment as possible. This unique on-farm processing improves the wellbeing of the animals and produces meat of exceptional quality, taste and tenderness.

Christopher Howe, one of the founders of Provenir first became inspired to help improve the system of animal processing after working in a regional pub and seeing the difficulties faced by local farmers.  He came to believe that traditional abattoirs were not serving the best interests of the farmers or their livestock and having embraced rural living himself through the experience of  raising, slaughtering, butchering, curing and cooking his own meat, Christopher became convinced that ‘processing at the point of production was not only better for animal welfare, but meat quality too.’

‘What I’m concerned with is the experience of the animal, particularly in its final days, and the effect that has on meat quality.  I believe that if we’re to raise and process animals for consumption, then we owe it to that animal to ensure that it is treated with respect and the meat is the best it can possibly be.’

Rare is proud to be partnering with an organisation that is dedicated to the improvement of animal well-being and is committed to a system that is better for farmers, livestock and producing flavourful tasty meat.

Next time you dine, select one of these unique steaks and let us know what you think.

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