Sustainable Steak

19 February 2019 — Produce

Rare Steakhouse sources beef from sustainably bred cattle to protect the environment and support a strong Australian beef industry for generations to come. 

We source Wagyu beef from premium breeders that use a time-honoured and environmentally sustainable pasture-feeding technique. The Wagyu cattle farm is self-sufficient, with 1500 acres of cropping country used to grow their own feed, which is fertilised using composted waste. 

Our Angus beef is free from hormones, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and antibiotics and is sourced from Certified Australian Angus Beef (CAAB) farmers who are committed to a range of environmental and sustainable practices including: 

  • Breeding practices that produce cattle that make fewer demands on our feed, water and land resources.
  • Raising cattle on natural pastures to make use of land unsuitable for crop or food production, which also results in lower greenhouse emissions.
  • Adopting leading-edge environmental management practices, such as water conservation, waterway protection, soil conditioning, land maintenance, and biodiversity protection.

At Rare Steakhouse, we believe sustainably-bred beef is not just good for the environment and the future of our industry, but also results in a better tasting steak. We invite you to taste the difference.

Information provided by Angus Pure.

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