Our Secret to Getting the Best Steak on Your Plate

3 July 2015 — Produce

How does one make a melt-in-your-mouth, bursting-with-flavour steak? We'll share our secret:

It's all about the beef.

In order to get that great tasting steak on your plate, it must start in the paddock. For Rare, it's the great sustainable producers we work with, like Angus Pure

Because they share our passion for great quality, great taste and sustainable farming it means our guests get great tasting steak – now and into the future.

So what does "sustainable steak" actually mean? Their premium breed cattle is free from growth hormones, antibiotics and Genetically Modified Organisms and makes fewer demands on feed, water and land resources. They are naturally grazed on quality pastures which are never used for food production. It's a natural, traditional way to raise cattle and means it won't ruin the land by stripping it of everything that is good. It is beef raised as nature intended.

So what does that mean for me, the guest? In short, it tastes damn good. You get steak as it has always been; natural, traditional methods mean healthy, happy cattle and delicious, succulent steak for you.

The produce is graded for eating quality by Meat and Livestock Australia and meets MSA ageing standards as the highest eating quality outcome. 

Don’t just take our word for it though; this year, Angus Pure won ‘Best Eating Experience’ at the Grassfed Beef Awards. Nice one folks!

Rare Steakhouse is lucky enough to be one of only a very few select venues in Melbourne offering Angus Pure steaks, so taste for yourself the difference in quality that sustainable methods, pride and passion can add to your experience. Visit Rare Steakhouse today.

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